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Our Products

Fresh Blueberry


Through an extensive grading process, we pick out the finest fruit to package for you. All berries must be hand picked, and sorted using our state of the art technology. We offer numerous different varieties, allowing us to provide great tasting, and fresh fruit. With early varieties extending to late varieties, we are able to provide the goodness of Fraser Valley berries throughout the season. 


Same day harvested raspberries are brought to our producing plant. The fruit is then packaged as per the request of the customer. We offer the option of customers choosing between raspberry puree as seedless and sieved. We also provide raspberry concentrate and juice stock.




With a state of the art, Individually Quick Freeze machine, we are able to freeze berries separately allowing them to maintain their shape, and taste to a greater extent. The berry is passed through a color sorter, washer, and into the IQF machine, all in a process taking a quick 15 seconds. Berries are then packed into poly bags, allowing us to ensure a fresh taste, and great quality.


Our freshly cut rhubarb is brought into the plant, and is ready to be washed and processed. We are able to cut the rhubarb into various thicknesses as per the request of the customer. The rhubarb is processed through our IQF tunnel for an individual freeze that allows it to retain its original shape and quality. We also provide juice stock.

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